Visa request

At the time of arrival in the country, you must have a passport with a valid remaining six months.
According to the law, every tourist must always carry the original passport.

- Application forms filled in downloaded here
- Passport valid for at least six months
- Photocopy of the passport pages with photos and personal data
- Air ticket and photocopy of the same
- 2 passport color photos.


From March Until August: Tuesday and Thursday 10-12
from September until February: Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-12.30
CONSULATE ADDRESS: Sestiere San Marco 1808 ( Ramo dei Fuseri ), 30124 Venice
Tel. +39 041 2412370

Vicenza (by appointment):
Monday and Wednesday from 14.00 to 17.00
ADDRESS:Via Dell'Oreficeria, 31 - 36100 Vicenza

Frequently Asked Questions

How long to release visa?
Visa is normally released within the day, subject to documents and waiting time

How can children travel?
Children/Juvenile travelling to Thailand can only travel with their parents. As per latest regulations, children/juvenile hold their own passport, and visa is required for them, too; one accompanying parent is noted on passports.

How can pets travel?
Pets: Pets are allowed in Thailand, pets hold their own travel document containing the required international vaccinations (see ASL). Animals access are, however, subject to the regulations of airlines, accommodation facilities, etc..

How can traveller bring essential drugs and medical devices?
Medicines and medical equipment to the following: You must produce special document of the Ministry of Health.

The non-EU citizens can get a visa?
The non-EU citizens can get a visa if they are in possession of a passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity with the exception of some countries, you are advised to contact the office by phone.

For renewals of Thai passports and documents/certificates issued by Thai authorities (birth, marital status, wedding, record, ecc.) exclusively apply the Consulate General at the Royal Thai Embassy in Rome - Ph. +39 06220530

To file entry visas into Italy for Thai citizens, apply the Consulate General of the Italian Embassy in Bangkok.


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